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Head Office

Head Office

Lidl is an equal opportunities employer of people from a variety of occupations, sectors and disciplines. We hire people with of experience and offer positions ranging from entry level, all the way to senior management. Our aim is to offer training and development to our employees of all levels of experience, ensuring that they are given the necessary tools in order to advance their role.


Administration is the key to successfully running operational business between our Head Office and our Warehouse. We seek administrators that are highly organized, detail-oriented and thrive in a busy working environment. Effective communication skills are also of vital importance to the functioning and the all-round success of the company.

Middle Management

Human Resources Management Department

Each department in Lidl is made up of different levels of expertise and experience. Within departments, our middle managers have the opportunity to undertake a variety of projects and operational tasks. They work closely with senior management to ensure Lidl is always developing and progressing. Our aim is to provide internal development opportunities for all of our employees.

Specialist roles

Depending on the department, we provide opportunities for specialists within the different fields of our company. You can check out our job offers page for vacancies.